S.E.A Ministry’s  mission is to:

  • To advance the Christian religion by preaching and teaching the teachings, and religious tenets, doctrines and observances, associated with the word of Jesus Christ.

  • To advance Christian education by providing leadership training programs to new and existing pastors so that they may preach and teach the teachings, religious tenets, doctrines and observances associated with the word of Jesus Christ.

  • To provide care for orphans,underprivileged and destitute children as well as refugee children and adults displaced by the war and conflict in neighbouring countries of  Thailand by providing these children and refugees with food,clean water,clothing and medicine.

  • To relieve poverty for orphaned children, in Thailand, by establishing orphanages in the country and providing these children with the basic necessities of life,including food, clean water, clothing, and medicine.

  • To promote health for refugees as well as orphaned and refugee children by providing basic dental and health care instruction to elders and/or homes parents.

  • To advance education by establishing and operating a primary school, to teach impoverished, orphaned, and refugee children, in Thailand, English as well as a basic education.

  • In the long term,S.E.A Ministry would like to establish orphanages to provide a home for the orphans that are in dire need of help to ensure that these children are not sexually exploited or abused.

  •   The refugee problem in Thailand is well documented by the U.N Refugee Agency as well as other relief agencies.

        We have attached a short video explaining the reason they became refugee.



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